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Did you know what are the benefits of Selling your Property with a Real Estate Agent?

We all know selling a property is time consuming and requires a lot of dedication and takes longer to complete a sale. Might worth reconsidering before you start taking actions to sell your house all by yourself, and find out what are the advantages of selling through estate agency to avoid the hassle.

  • The estate agents will have a large portfolio of properties which attracts the buyer to visit their site with the help of maximum exposure through website and sales platforms.
  • Extensive network of international cooperating brokers and associates which will allow you to find potential buyers much easier.
  • Handling all marketing materials such as professional photography, videos and property signs.
  • Managing property viewings for potential buyers – communication between seller and buyer is extremely important
  • An estate agency can handle professionally a sales and management strategy when completing a sale. It is essential that the estate agent will explain all buying process with all the details together with honesty and integrity.
  • You will obtain an accurate property price valuation, advising also the potential buyer to complete the purchase with full support.
  • Real estate agents are trained to ask the right questions in order to find motivated and qualified buyers and avoid unqualified buyers who waste time and energy
  • Offering After-Sale services to the future buyer after completing the purchase

In addition, it is advisable if you select an experienced licenced real estate agent who sells a fair number of listings.
If interested to learn more, contact La Mer Estates (Licenced Estate Agents 360/E) at 23 74 00 53 to answer any questions you might have!