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The initiative of the Society for Tourism Development and Promotion of Paphos (STDPP), of the application of “Enriched Reality” created to highlight the myth of Aphrodite with the first presentation being that of the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite in Petra tou Romiou, has been met with immediate and largely unexpected acceptance. Just a week after the announcement of this pioneering initiative, information from Philenews states that a large number of visitors are already flocking to the area of Petra tou Romiou applying this technological provision and depicting the goddess of love in relation to themselves in the area.

They are mostly young hikers, as representatives of Kouklia have mentioned, who are more familiar with these new technological features and who seem to have enthusiastically embraced the virtual capabilities offered by the relevant application launched by the STDPP.
It is worth noting that the application includes scenes of Aphrodite emerging from the foam of the sea, scenes with her frolicking on the beach, digital post cards, video descriptions and more.

“Enriched reality” refers to the addition of virtual information through appropriate devices to the environment perceived by people, in this case through their telephone devices.
Post-download users will be able to scan relevant photos of Aphrodite in three different places on the beach to enjoy Aphrodite in a real environment through their smart devices.
STDPP is planning more applications for 2020 to be applied in yet more places related to the myth of Aphrodite such as Geroskipou, the Holy Gardens of the goddess and Neo Chorio with the Baths of Aphrodite.

Source: Philenews