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The bridge of Tzelefos is a medieval Venetian bridge located in the mountains of Paphos at the borders of Phini, Agios Nicolaos and Pera Vasa close to the Arminou Dam. This one-arch stone bridge has 10.70 m span and 10.7 m width


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The river under it (Diarizos river) flows all year round but the amount of water depends on the season, and it is possible to see the fish (and particularly carps) in the stream too!

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It is the largest medieval stone-built bridge in Cyprus and it stands as one of the most photographed sights of Cyprus.

In ancient times, it was called “Vokaros” (from the world “separating”). There are several versions of the name of the bridge. For instance, it might come from the Greek word “kelefos”  that means weak, ill. The name is likely to be linked to a person that got sick or died during the construction of the bridge.

Bridge, Old, Architecture, River, Stones, Trees

The bridge area is known for the breathtaking forest scenery and shady refuge from the sun and the maddening crowds. There is a lovely little seating area where you can sit at and have a picnic

Bridge, Old, Architecture, River, Stones, Trees

The scenic setting of the Medieval bridge is ideal for visiting all year round and it is ever changing. It is easy to walk to the bridge from the parking lot and there is a walking trail starting from the bridge.

The river crossing the bridge is one of a handful in Cyprus that has water flowing all year round to end in Arminou dam. Be careful when crossing the cobblestone surface of the bridge because it can be quite slippery.

In the summer enjoy the cool water. Just make sure you have a camera at hand!

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